Community of practice kick-off canvas

The Tacit community of practice kick-off canvas helps get your community started using a canvas framework to guide you through six questions.

Using the kick-off canvas

These questions will help create a shared understanding of why your community exists, who it is for and what it aims to do.

Gather a group of enthusiastic members to co-create your community canvas, then use your answers to help describe your community to potential members and others.

Use it to help form your community and revisit the answers with new members as your community matures.

Community of practice kick off canvas
Tacit’s Community of Practice Kick-off canvas
Miro board template

Request your copy of the canvas

Please use the form below for a free pdf and a Miro board template of the Tacit Community of Practice Kick-off Canvas. You will also be added to the (very infrequently used) mailing list.

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