Tacit People

Tacit is led by Emily Webber, an Agile organisation consultant, coach and trainer. She works with other consultants to bring in additional expertise to suit different situations.

Emily is an experienced consultant, specialising in agile, delivery and organisations that support people to do their best work. She has helped organisations in public and private sectors create sustainable change through hands-on, effective coaching, consulting and training.

Before starting Tacit in 2014, she was the Head of Agile Delivery at Government Digital Service (GDS), where she set the standard of effective agile delivery. At GDS, she modelled the now widely-followed approach to communities of practice and has since authored the book Building Successful Communities of Practice.

She is always seeking opportunities to give back to the Agile community. She has founded several meetups, including Agile in the Ether, Digital Liverpool People and Agile on the Bench. In addition, she is an experienced keynote speaker who presents at conferences around the world.

She has a passion for vintage scooters and has many side projects.

More about Emily on LinkedinTwitter and her blog.

Tacit collaborators

Tacit works with other brilliant people such as:

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