Successful Communities of Practice

Join up people across your organisation to harness untapped innovation through consulting and training to embed communities of practice.

People in community of practice workshops

Communities of practice are vital for any organisation that employs people with specialist skills and capabilities. They support professional development, help to break down silos, support knowledge sharing, lead to creating better practices, scale approaches and result in happier staff.

Tacit works with organisations across different sectors and countries to embed, introduce, review and supercharge communities of practice that harness untapped innovation, join up work, grow capability and motivate people.

Community of practice consulting includes

  • introducing cross-organisation initiatives along with organisational structures to support them
  • kicking off new and existing reinvigorating communities of practice;
  • reviewing the effectiveness of your communities
  • coaching and training for community leads
  • inspiring talks and workshops.

Emily also published the book Building Successful Communities of practice, which many use as an essential guide.

Tacit’s community maturity review was one of the most valuable things we’ve done. We didn’t know how much more effective we could be until this and it’s now a bedrock of our community development plans.”

Tom Birch, Head of Delivery at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)