Tacit tools

We have created tools to use or download under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence.

For Communities of Practice

Community of practice kick off canvas

Community of practice kick-off canvas

Get your community started using the canvas to guide you through kick-off questions.

Download the canvas

Community of practice maturity model

Community of practice maturity model

Identify the maturity stage for your community of practice against the Tacit model.

Download the model

Community of practice review tool

Community of practice review tool

Assess how effective your community of practice is with this five-question survey.

Use the tool

For agile ways of working

The Team onion book

The (agile) Team Onion free eBook

A short ebook describing the team onion model to foster communication and collaboration in large organisations.

Download the book

Links to other useful tools that we have been involved in creating

Consequence scanning
Team manual
Online meeting icebreakers
Realtime retrospective

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